Using the App

Is it just available on phones and tablets? Not computers?

Yes, at the moment, the app is available only for phone and tablet.

Do I get lifetime access to the app and all upgrades?

You get a life-time access to the app and all updates (automatic updates and corrections). We reserve the right to create a completely new future upgrade though (not planned at the moment) which may include a complete redesign of the program and will thus be a new product.

I have an older version of iOS or Android. Will the app work for me?

IOS: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Minimum requirement is iOS11.1

Android: Minimum OS: Kitkat 4.4

Are the app and training available for purchase separately?

The app and the training is a complete program, they are not available for sale separately.


Will the training be offered again if I can’t make it this time?

The training is currently being planned for Aug/Sep 2019 (registration is closed) and Oct/Nov 2019 (limited seats), future live trainings are not yet planned.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements I need to meet in order to sign up? Do I need to be a licensed therapist or bodyworker, or have experience with Allergy Antidotes?

To use the program for personal use, you don’t need to be licensed or certified, however you need to satisfy the laws for practice in your area if you wish to add this modality to your work with other people. A separate Trained Allergy Antidote Practitioner training (TAAP) is also available from Sandi Radomski, if you wish to take your training to the next level.

Will the live portions of the training be recorded for me to access later?

Yes, all class materials are recorded and will be available in the login area of the website within 48 hours of each class.

Is there a certification for Allergy Detective that I can work toward?

Yes, you can get trained as a Trained Allergy Antidote Practitioner (TAAP), please contact Christina (contact section of this website) for further information available on this training.

Will I be considered a Trained Allergy Antidotes Practitioner (TAAP) after the Allergy Detective training?

No, the Allergy Detective Training is meant to provide you with the basic training for the personal use of the AD program. Allergy Antidotes is an extensive program that is aimed at serious practitioners.

Can I advertise on my website/etc. that I offer Allergy Detective work after the training?

No, the point of the Allergy Detective App© and program is to help you help yourself (or your clients if you are a practitioner of other modalities), easily and efficiently discover and clear allergies. The completion of this training does not guarantee your proficiency. If you are looking for a training program in Allergies, contact Christina for more information on the Trained Allergy Antidote Practitioner Program (TAAP).

I’m not confident with muscle testing - how proficient do I have to be?

Self muscle testing/ alternatively dowsing is a requirement for using the Allergy Detective App© in the way it’s intended. A training on muscle testing is part of the program.


Is there a refund if it doesn’t work for me or if I don’t like it? If so, what are the conditions?

Yes, you have 2 weeks after purchase to request a refund. Please contact Christina for further details.

Will the cost of training be increasing after the introductory period?

We believe we have landed at a fair price based on the cost and effort invested in this program, however we cannot guarantee future prices at the moment. Getting the program at this time guarantees you are at an advantage of being one of the first to train on this truly cutting edge program directly with its creators.