Any symptom may be from a hidden allergy:



Find Allergies Easily

Where do you begin looking for allergies if they could be anything?

There is so much detective work. Now we bring to you an easy-to-navigate app that puts access to the deepest of root causes and most mundane life stressors right at your fingertips.


What are allergies, really?

You may have always thought of allergies as just the seasonal sniffles.

In reality, many of your vague, undiagnosed and untreatable symptoms may be from something you are eating, smelling, touching, and even something you believe or think.


Reverse Allergies

The Allergy Detective App© helps you navigate quickly and precisely to the underlying origin of allergy symptoms, and then guides you through a simplified version of an energy psychology technique called Ask & Receive™ to easily and powerfully clear the roots of your symptoms.


I found out I was allergic to my own adrenaline because of an old trauma. Now I can exercise and go through stress without swelling and skin burning.
— Sara, USA

Who is behind this work?

Allergy Detective App© is a redesign of Sandi Radomski’s extensive work on allergies by Ruba Homaidi. The two of them came together to make this work more accessible and ended up finding out how much more this can do for you.